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JungleNastix – Jungle Gyms

Jungle gym

JungleNastix was born where a childs development and jungle gym meet. A need was identified for the development of children’s gross motor skills through the encouragement of outside play.  It was created 6 years ago to supply quality, durable and practical playground equipment, to enhance the motor skills and body strength of children of a new generation of it and TV-driven entertainment. The business was started after it became apparent that learning abilities were negatively affected by the lack of physical exercise as a result of hours in front of the television and computer games.

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Jungle Gym D.I.Y Option & Price List
Installation and delivery will be quoted on additionally once you have made a selection.

TOWERS (Platforms incl. Fiber-glass roof in colour of choice) PRICE
LARGE (2.1 x 2.1) R 3630
MEDIUM (1.8 x 1.8) R 2785
SMALL (1.2 x 1.2) R 1815
 WALKWAY/BRIDGE (Between two towers/platforms)  
 WALKWAY (fixed onto poles – 2.4 x 1.0)  R 790
 CHAIN BRIDGE (hanging onto chain – 2.4)  R 1090
 TRAPEZE BRIDGE (net fixed onto 3 x 2.4 poles)  R 485
 SWING (Hanging from add-on pole structure)  
 TYRE SWING x 1  R 545
 TYRE SWING x 2  R 910
 + 1 SWING – ADD  R 165
 RAMP (45 degrees – planted poles with decking)  
 WALK-UP RAMP (to walk up to platform incl. monkey rope)  R 790
 COMMANDO NET (Nylon rope rectangular net)  
 COMMANDO NET (1.2 x 2.4 net hung at 45 degrees)  R 640
 SLIDE (Fiber-glass slide mounted from platform/tower)  
 WAVED/STRAIGHT – (3m diagonal length/1.5 from ground)  R 1595
 WAVED/STRAIGHT WIDER (as above, but 50mm wider)  R 1705
 JUMBO CURVED/STRAIGHT – (5m diagonal length/2.1 from ground)  R 2860
 ALUMINIUM SLIDING POLE – (attached to structure from tower)  R605
 DRUM – (attached with chain to bottom of tower platform)  R 605
 LADDER (to be fastened onto tower platform)  
 STEP LADDER (standing diagonally – 2.4)  R 245
 ALUMINIUM HANGING BARS (between two poles 1.8)  R 425

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