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JungleNastix Products 2

Below are samples of suggested structural possibilities. They are however not limited to below designs, and can be customised on request.

Option 1 Option 2
j_1 j_2
Option 3 Option 4
j_3 j_4
Option 5 Option 6
j_5 j_6
Option 7 Option 8
j_1 j_2
Option 9 Option 10
j_1 j_2
Option 11 Option 12
j_1 j_2

These suggestions do not include installation or delivery, this will be calculated based on the distance travelled.

Installation Prices

OPTION 1 R950.00

OPTION 2 R1000.00

OPTION 3 R1200.00

OPTION 4 R1500.00

OPTION 5 R1200.00

OPTION 6 R1500.00

OPTION 7 R2000.00

OPTION 8 R4800.00

OPTION 9 R2000.00

OPTION 10 R1800.00

OPTION 11 R2250.00

OPTION 12 R2500.00

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